Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Rakesh Lal


National attempts to ‘buy’ by-election

The ruling National Party has promised Northland voters that they can ‘jump the queue’ for improved broadband infrastructure and road projects, if they vote for their candidate in the March by-election. This is a blatant attempt to hang onto power in an area long neglected by the party.

A by-election has been forced in the Northland electorate, a seat that has been held by the National Party for over 40 years. However, the National Party was shocked by early polling that showed them behind Winston Peters of the New Zealand First party.

Northland is an area of high unemployment and suffers from severe poverty. While politicians dole out promises come election time, there has been little investment to improve education, training or job opportunities in the region.

The tactics used in this election by National are a blatant bribe to middle class voters. They highlight the arrogance of a government that sees no need to distribute resources in an equitable way, but instead as a political carrot.

We need to break from this sort of unscrupulous politics and fight for a socialist system that is based on people’s needs, and where we have real control over our political representatives.

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