Local Registered Syrian Refugees as of November 3rd 2015

Published on November 4th, 2015 | by Rakesh Lal


New Zealand’s response to Syrian refugee crisis

People seeking refuge from war and political persecution are finding a less friendly world to turn to. In response to the millions of refugees flooding out of Syria, the New Zealand government raised the quota from 750 refugees per year to just 1350. This has led to a swath of public criticism, including demonstrations in September demanding a larger commitment from the government.

The current wave of refugees are the result of an on-going power struggle over Iraq and Syria. New Zealand, in support of western allies, has been a contributor to destabilising the region. We are also a wealthy country that only fails to provide opportunity to its own citizens because of a blind commitment to profit above human need.

As a reminder of the impacts of capitalism; the implicit dispossession it causes and the alienation it induces within us, it is clear the depth of the discussion is too narrow. As socialist we must connect the current situation with the history of our own policies, rhetoric and military interventions; stand in solidarity as we pledge meaningful support to those in need; and connect this with the struggle to overcome capitalism.

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