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Published on April 26th, 2016 | by Socialist Voice


Socialist perspective on US Primaries

Recent developments in the primary elections in the United States show that the deep political differences between the political establishment and working class people are poised to create substantial upheaval to the US. The most intriguing is the discussion about potential outcomes from the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the open discussion of Socialism.

A socialist perspective on the fractures in the Democratic party is being voiced by Seattle City Councillor and Socialist Alternative member Kshama Sawant. In a recent article she outlines some of the potential strategies for ensuring the grass roots Sanders’ campaign continues with or without the support of the Democratic party. It illustrates just how important this struggle is for working class politics in the United States, and how heavily the establishment political system is struggling. Looking at the potential that Bernie Sanders does not gain the backing of the Democratic Party she points out that there is still huge potential for changing the political landscape.

“An aggressive independent campaign for president by Bernie Sanders, linked to building a new mass party for the 99%, could dramatically transform American politics. Bernie would not need to win the election to force a decisive leftward shift in U.S. society. Even registering a vote of 10 or 15 million for a new party (and the potential exists to win a far larger vote) could strike a crippling blow to the political monopoly of the two parties of American capitalism.”

Although Sanders’ expression of Socialism is, as Sawant points out in an interview with the Huffington Post, “limited to redistributing wealth through expanding the public sector within the framework of a capitalist society.” She also indicates;

“it is enormously significant that, for the first time in US history, a presidential candidates who calls himself a socialist has had an actual shot at winning the presidential election. And to his credit, he has not backed down from the label. He has shown that socialism is no longer the barrier that it used to be during the Cold War. In fact, his campaign has demonstrated there is incredible interest in socialism, particularly among young people. This is a sea change.”

We encourage you to read Sawant’s perspective on the political outlook after the New York primaries posted on Counter Punch, and the full interview with Kshama in the Huffington Post:

The (un)Democratic Primary: Why we need a new party of the 99% by Kshama Sawant via Counter Punch.

Bernie Sanders’ Socialism and Ours: Interview with Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative by Kailyn Nicholson via The Huffington Post.


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