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The movement against fracking grows

February 3rd, 2014 | by Socialist Voice

Pro business forces argue that we need fracking and offshore drilling to benefit the economy. Socialists say that through a planned economy we can create jobs and a decent standard of living for all people without engaging in environmentally destructive activities

Why I joined the CWI (Aotearoa/NZ) #2

January 29th, 2014 | by Joe Kelly

Although I haven’t been involved in socialist organisations for a while, the CWI appealed to me. Their political perspective, their approach to building a socialist organisation nationally and internationally and the quality of the people in the organisation convinced me that this was something I wanted to be part of

Asia Pacific: A new order developing

January 8th, 2014 | by Socialist Voice

The recent drama over a number of uninhabited, remote, rocky outcrops in the East China Sea is just the latest example of the rising geopolitical tension between the US and China. Perhaps hypocritically, US Defence Sec Chuck Hegal described China’s actions as “a destabilising attempt to alter the status quo in the area”. What we are seeing is the world moving from being ‘unipolar’ to ‘bipolar’ for the first time since the fall of the USSR in

Why I joined the Committee for a Workers’ International (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

November 20th, 2013 | by Rakesh Lal

I first became a member of the CWI by joining the Socialist Party of England and Wales in mid-2011. This was the formal acknowledgement, you might say enlightenment, of living in London through the 2008 financial crisis and of the new perspectives I gained during this period. There are several reasons why I joined the

Socialist solutions needed to address housing crisis

November 5th, 2013 | by CWI Reporters

New Zealand is in the midst of a housing crisis. This crisis was created by decades of neo-liberal policy including the deregulation of housing consent and planning, the sell-off of state housing stock, and the failure to close tax loop-holes. These loop-holes have enabled a thin layer of people to create wealth out of property speculation while others struggle to meet rental payments in substandard housing

Unions need a strategy to beat back National’s attacks

August 12th, 2013 | by Jared Phillips

Since 2009 the National-led government has carried out a series of attacks against workers and their unions. The measures have included the introduction of probationary employment periods, the reintroduction of youth rates and drastic changes to access to sick leave

Racism and recession in New Zealand

May 15th, 2013 | by Jared Phillips

Several recent events have elevated the issue of racism in New Zealand. In one case a nationalist MP belonging to the Danish People’s Party made headlines when she made racist comments about a traditional Maori welcome. Also Susan Devoy, who is unsympathetic to Maori political issues, was appointed as the new Race Relations Commissioner. At the same time National Party Prime Minister John Key has tried to stoke fears about South Asian refugee boats coming to New Zealand. This is despite no boats arriving so far

Teachers and public education under attack

April 11th, 2013 | by CWI Reporters

Teachers in New Zealand are facing a perfect storm. For the time being they have faced down government attempts to increase class sizes but have also had to contend with school closures and mergers in Christchurch and a move to introduce charter schools

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